We’re as big as you want us to be. And as small.

That’s right. sitzgruppe is a studio of freelance graphic designers. And part of sitzgruppe is a network of specialists. Illustrators, photographers, and copywriters, for instance, who strengthen the team. On an as needed basis. And you’re the one who determines the need and the task that is given to us. That way we can build a team that can best meet your requirements – either a big team or a small one.

Anne Meyer, Mareike Uphaus, Claudia Rath
Stefan Schwartz (Consultancy/Copywriting), Iwan Harlan (Music), Nils Hendrik Müller (Photography), Stephan Lomp (Illustration)
Ralf Mense (Online), Marc Ewert (Illustration), Christian Schlosser (Copywriting), Tobias Dahmen (Illustration)
Eric Pfeil (Writing), Rainer Rehfeld (Photography), Marielle Enders (Illustration), Yücel Özyürek (Proofreading)
Veronika Klostermann (Image editing), Christian Lessing (Product design), Ralf Beckert (Film)